We welcome you in the name of ODYSSEA, the first Luxembourgish association devoted to marine biology and any other matter related to the oceans. If you are passionate about the oceans, marine biology, scuba diving, sailing, under-water photography etc… then you have come to the right place!

ODYSSEA was founded in 2013 by marine biologists in order to offer everyone the opportunity to dive into the extraordinary universe of the oceans.


We organise internships as well as educational trips to fascinating destinations with our primary goal to gain a better understanding about the marine environment. Our trips include for instance scuba dive trips and research projects on whales and dolphins.


In order to manage and conserve marine resources and the species that depend on the marine environment effectively, we require a robust knowledge to make informed decisions. That is why we are actively participating in different research and conservation projects around the world.


Please, visit our photo albums to get an insight into our projects and trips.


If the ocean is your element, why not become a member to support ODYSSEA while receiving interesting member benefits?


For more information, please contact us via email: info@odyssea.lu or via telephone +352661197324.