ODYSSEA was founded in 2013 by Luxembourgish marine biologists with the aim of promoting marine biology in Luxembourg and beyond, giving everyone the opportunity to dive into the unique world of the oceans.

We regularly organise field courses and internships to allow you to learn more about the marine environment and the work of marine biologists. The focus of each project is different and ranges from scuba-diving expeditions with sharks to whale and dolphin field courses.

In order to increase our knowledge on marine ecosystems and the species that depend on them, the ODYSSEA team is actively engaged in research and conservation projects across the globe.

To get an insight into our diverse projects you can visit our photo gallery. And if you decide that the ocean is your element as well, please consider becoming a member. Your contribution would help us to continue our research and conservation projects!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email under info@odyssea.lu or via telephone under +352661197324.